Tuesday, March 27, 2007

MIKA does Los Angeles

Mika the 22-year-old boy wonder of Britain is yet another transplant slash pop-sensation that Americans are going crazy over. Radio stations in North America can't stop playing his Grace Kelly song, which is very catchy in sugary, sticky sweet kind of way. The Socialite's Life went to his first concert over the weekend in LA. Read on for the review.

Mika is a true young internationalist. Born in Beirut in the middle of the 80s, Mika’s family soon found themselves having to move to Paris at the height of the war. When his father was subsequently taken hostage and held at the American embassy in Kuwait the family eventually settled in London.

Source: mikasounds.com

I got in line behind a blue-haired Perez Hilton and his plus one and found myself lonely for my Wayne Ford, who was off in NYC and unable to accompany me into battle.

Source: socialitelife.com

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