Friday, September 28, 2007

9th Time Lucky: Elizabeth Taylor's at it again...

When I get older, I want to be like her.

Dame Elizabeth, has been married eight times to seven men - twice to actor Richard Burton. Her last marriage, to construction worker Larry Fortensky ended in 1996 after five years.Earlier this year, she celebrated her 75th birthday in Las Vegas in March with a star-studded party.

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Oprah earns four times more than other TV stars

Oprah is taking over the world.

Financial magazine Forbes on Thursday published a list of the highest-paid TV celebrities, with daytime talk show host Oprah Winfrey leading the way by earning an $260 million between June 2006 and June 2007. Nobody else came close.

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"Girls Gone Wild" Girls Lied About Consent

Two Florida women that were suing Joe Francis and "Girls Gone Wild" claiming that they never consented to have their "sexy time" released to the public are now in big trouble. obtained a video that shows the girls agreeing to let producers use all footage involved in filming on the Girls Gone Wild bus.

Hmm...Bad girls. Why lie about it?

Girls Gone Wild" says that the women's claims "couldn't be further from the truth

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

All types of alcohol raise cancer risk

The newest message is don't [over] do it. Everything in moderation.

Women drinking wine because they think it is healthier than beer are wrong," he said. "It's about the amount of alcohol consumed, not the type.

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Vivica Pleads Not Guilty to DUI

Although the B-list actress blew a .09 last March, she pleaded not guilty to her drinking and driving charge today. Why are celebs getting off with driving drunk?

A judge told her attorney that due to the nature of her work, she could be around alcohol, but she was not to drink.

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Rehab Center To Lohan: Come With Us If You Want To Live

Shock therapy may be the best way to treating celebrity addicition? The Canterbury Institute has taken out and ad in the NY Post, pleading with Lindsay Lohan to enter their facility and get help. She was rumoured to be leaving the Cirque Lodge this weekend, most of those presumptions have now been proven not to be true.

Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush e-mailed Dina Lohan to find out if the reports of Lindsay coming home this weekend were accurate:“Not true staying in Utah,” Dina told Billy.

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Bidet 101: The Best in Show

In Europe, it's strange not to finf a bidet in almost every household toilet, if not every public place [the fancier ones, of course.] So it''s nice to see North American culture catching up to the tradition. Yay for clean bums.

Seems the fancy ass-washing toilets that clean your foul and constantly feces-soiled buttocks with a high-pressure burst of "well-aimed aerated water," are undergoing some sort of new acceptance in this country.

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Too much sleep as dangerous as too little: study

Can we get a consensus on this? It seems seven hours is the magic number. What about listening to your body?

Sleeping too much, just like sleeping too little, could be linked to a person's risk of an early death, a new British study indicates.

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Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards Nude Together?

Gasp. Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards Playboy. Both actresses have been nude before in Playboy but this time they would appear together. The two met on the set of Blonde and Blonder last year that filmed in Vancouver.

Hugh Hefner has reportedly offered Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards $1 million to pose together in an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine.

Both blondes have disrobed for the men's magazine in the past, and now Playboy boss Hugh Hefner wants the actresses to team up for a spread in the January 2008 issue of the publication.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When Dolly Met Ditto

This is why I love Perez Hilton.

And, yes, she hits those notes!

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Water birth 'provides the safest form of pain relief'

This sounds like a good idea. Anything that means less pain when giving birth.

All expectant mothers should be offered the chance to have a water birth because it provides the safest form of pain relief, the Government's health watchdog says.

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The New Bennifer!

WOOT! Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck got married yesterday..on the set of their new movie "He's Just Not That Into You." [Yeh, I'v been there.] The producers of the show say Aniston is perfect for the role because she is not cold. Erm..maybe what they were trying to say was that no guy has really been that into her for like the last 3 years since her and B-RAD got a little thing called a divorce.

They are fabulous and touching,” Juvonen says: “I can’t believe no one’s put them together before.”

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This Guy Eats Anything...


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Britney's Midnight Tan: The Inner Dialog

This is really funny. has made up an "inner dialogue" story of what Britney might be thinking as she was headed for a midnight tan with a buddy. Hilarious.

I don't unnerstand why peeps is so worrifcated on me. I'm fiiiine. Serriously. I never felt gooder or more togetherer.

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How To Buy te Perfect Espresso Maker

I've been shopping aroud for an espresso maker and it's not as easy I thought. There are all the different models with different features: one handle, two handles, chrome, stainless steal, single pressure, double pressure, steam pump, electric pump. You get the picture. So, I'm glad I found this article about some sound questions you can ask to make the process of selecting the perfect brewmaster, easier.

Espresso machines run the gamut from simple stovetop models (such as those you might have seen in an Italian restaurant) to steam machines (steam pressure pushes hot water through the ground coffee) to electric-pump versions (they produce the best coffee and. tend to cost the most).

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Seized 'art porn' owned by Sir Elton John

One of Elton John's paintings in his collection by Nan Goldin has been seized by police on suspicion that it may have breached child pornography laws. Golding's images often use younger female characters and have been critisized in the past for being sexually explicit. This particular images features two young girls one of whom was sitting down with her legs wide apart from Goldin's Thanksgiving series. Police would not further comment on the investigation of the art piece. Sir Elton John was also not available to comment.

Goldin was born in Washington DC, ran away from home and was fostered by several families during her childhood. She moved to New York after graduating from art school where she took became known for pictures of alcoholics, drug addicts and Aids sufferers.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Salma Hayek Has a Baby Girl

Salma Hayek welcomed a baby girl into her new family. The 41-year old actress and her finacee, Francois Henri Pinault are proud parents of Valentina Paloma Pinault. This is Hayek's first child.

The actress's pregnancy was first revealed in March, at the same time that the couple announced they were engaged to be married.

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