Thursday, September 20, 2007

Disneyland's Pluto attacks little boy

My former classmate posted this link on Facebook and I could hardly believe it was true. It shows a Disneyland employee, aka Pluto, chasing a little kid around the park and not in a fun way. He is apparently angry at the little tourist and is trying to catch him. The comments under the video on Youtube convey that indeed this might have happened before and could be a case of "Disneyland character costume rage." One of the comments says "its hard for people to understand what its like in the costume.....u

pull one of the ears and u can tweak ur neck....and u can really see

out to well...that kid was probably pulling or tugging...or not waitin

line like everyone else...having his mom push him in front of all the

other kids....most of the time its the parents to blame.."

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