Monday, June 18, 2007

Black Hawk 221 Board of Inquiry

The horrific video of an Australian Black Hawk helicopter crashing last November in Fiji has been released. In the video, you can see the massive helicopter just hitting the concrete surface of the landing area and bouncing off of the tarmac. At the time of the accident, the Black Hawk was carrying four crew and six soldiers from the Special Air Service Regiment when it crashed and sank. The pilot Captain Mark Bingley was killed and one of the passengers Joshua Porter was initially missing and presumed dead. Watch the video after the break.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) says at least one Army personnel member has died in a Black Hawk helicopter crash near Fiji.


The purpose of the Black Hawk 221 Board of Inquiry is to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident and identify any action required including, where appropriate, action to avoid a recurrence.


FIJI Blackhawk Crash
Austailan fallen solders

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