Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sextuplets are popping up all over the place

Two sets of couples, the Masche's and the Morrison's had sextuplets born in different states just a day apart. Brian and Jenny Masche welcomed the three boys and three girls that were delivered by Caesarian. The sextuplets were almost 10 weeks premature and weighed between 2 pounds, 1 ounce and 3 pounds. Brianna Morrison gave birth to her sextuplets in Minneapolis just 10 hours prior. Doctors say this is something they'll be dealing with more and more as the use of fertility drugs increases. Some other famous sextuplets you can check out are the Gosselins and the Dilley sextuplets.

Married for 3 years now, and the Masches tried to have children for about 2 ½ years without any luck. Jenny did get pregnant twice but unfortunately had two miscarriages.

Source: maschemiracles.com

The truth is that I had never been so overwhelmed. As we listened to the sound of those six beating hearts I felt crushed by the weight of the miracle that was bearing down on me.

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New dad Bryan Masche, 29, said he and his wife, Jenny, 32, had tears of joy as their three girls and three boys were delivered by Caesarean section.

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