Friday, June 1, 2007

Glamour before the slammer: Paris Hilton goes to jail

Just like every good celebrity should do before they go to jail, Paris Hilton is
getting a make-over so she's camera ready when she walks into the Big
House. According to Rush and Molloy, she's hired personal stylists and a hair and make-up team to meet her at her home on Monday morning, before she has to report for duty. She is also reportedly penning a Martha Stewart style diary that'll be available once she finished her 23 day sentence.

"She will be glam, and Paris is the queen of the prop. Expect her hair pulled back in a ponytail, big sunglasses and maybe a Holy Bible under one arm. And she just got a new kitten, so maybe she'll hand that to her sister [Nicky] as she gets out of the car."


Paris Hilton wants to strut into jail with as much primp and circumstance as she can next week -- and she'll be writing a diary inside that she hopes to hawk for "a million dollars."


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