Monday, August 27, 2007

Got a Trojan? Call H Like Hacker for Help

On Friday last

week, German media reported that government computers had obviously

fallen prey to a Chinese hacker attack using Trojans.


course, one might wonder about the state of German government

IT-departements, after - some months ago and

deplorably enough - files were deleted which contained crucial

evidence on whether German special units had conducted their tasks

lawfully in Afghanistan and possibly about their role in Gitmo.

Well, it seems

that if Germans decide to make a laugh of themselves they go about it

just as thoroughly as about any business.

Instead of

trying to keep damage as limited as possible under the circumstances,

they decided not only to publish the fact alleging the Chinese

government for the attacks. They also revealed the fact that

obviously right up to the center of power, the Bundeskanzleramt, all

infrastructure is linked to the public Internet. Obviously, without

meaningful scanning of mail attachments.


story gets an amusing

twist against the backdrop that German Interior Minister, Wolfgang

Schäuble, has been tirelessly propagating spying on citizens

using Trojans (dubbed Bundestrojaner in political debates).

A measure

which most users probably fear less now than before.


the meantime, the Chinese government, in the runup to chancellor

Merkel's visit, has pledged to stop all attacks. If only all hackers

were such nice guys. Maybe talking to them works wonders for the rest

of us, too. After all, empathy could

be the key to enhanced security.

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