Sunday, August 19, 2007

What a Ham: $2,100 for a hock better be delicious.

Spain is well know for it's delicious and unique tapas, one of which includes the famous Jamon Serrano, a cured ham that many tourists travel hours to try. Now, hard core foodies can add a new "must-try" delicay to their list. The 2006 Alba Quercus Reseve made by the Maldonado family will retail for over $2,100 per leg when it becomes available in 2008. It's limited eidtion so make the order now. Maldonado says this is the most important ham in Spain so he'll only make 80-100 legs.

For comparison, Italy's finest Prosciutto di Parma and Spain's top-grade Spanish acorn-fed Iberian ham

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