Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Danish students strip for teachers

Students at a Danish high school were filmed [using cell phones, of course] by other classmates during their annual striptease competition [YES] when things got out of hand. According to the Metro and Aftonbladet, some of the girls really got into their characters. They took their tops off, while they made out and touched eachother.

According to the headmaster, those girls did not win the competition,
'cause it was a bit over the top. [Icky] Danish educators that have
seen the video are outraged and are planning to ban the competition,
but school officials at Silkeborg High School say they will try to keep
the tradition alive. Oh, the winner of the strip competition gets to sit at the best table in the cafeteria[?.]

...You can click on the link to watch the video, and while you are watching, remember. This is in a high-school and teachers are judging the competition. Only in Denmark, folks.

But news of the striptease got out when some of the girls this year stripped naked and began to touch each other's breasts - then started rubbing baby oil over each other's bodies.


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