Thursday, May 17, 2007

I love an art car parade

My sister lives in Houston so I visit often, but I have to be honest. It's not a city you would otherwise travel to for a vacation. However, Houston held a really cool event this past weekend called the Art Car Festival that would've been really worth it for some checking out. For a special 20th anniversary edition, a spectacular array of cars made out of Legos, decorated to look like cartoons, muffins and wood were just some of the outrageous designs this year that entered the parade and competition. Funkadelic grand puba-master George Clinton was the ringmaster this year.

Houston's is the oldest and largest art-car parade in the world, a party put on annually by the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art. Last year, more than 200,000 people watched a flying saucer, a fat rat and a collection of penguins all ride into downtown.
Beyond striving to reach new heights of creative


Once the last car rolled by (except the one that didn't make it up the hill and was still stranded under the Montrose Boulevard overpass), we all got up and ambled slowly toward the parking lot.


have been nice to have met with the ringmaster for this year's event,
the Grandfather of Punk himself, George Clinton.


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