Friday, May 4, 2007

Mark Briggs: The Legacy Newsroom

I'm in Seattle attending Drilling Down: A Daylong series of discussions exploring the latest developments in online publishing.

There are top editors and bloggers from, the Online News Association, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Tacoma News Tribune, the Society of Professional Journalists and speakers from,, and

Mark Briggs's message so far?

  • There has never been a better time to be a journalist
  • Journalism is a blessing in terms of a continuos learning lesson

We're going to discuss [and this is for traditional newsrooms]:

  • Motivating: cash, blogging? I guess they're talking about motivating their journalists to do more, oh and now we're discussing how you motivate "regular people " [aka not a journalist] to contribute !! I just totally rocked the answer. Our contributors love what they do because they get to participate, they're part of a community, and they're already at an event so why not share what you see wit the world.
  • Audience needs to connect with blogger and the blogger needs to make the committment
  • Chris Pirillo just had a great point: find your personal voice to connect with the audience...
  • Competition is a motivator: all these folks check numbers like crazy..
  • Chris is talking about Googl: he thinks breaking the news is not that important, SEO is where the audience will be in the future, long term presence is what is important in a story
  • Anna Nicole, Britney and sex are main topics of discussion
  • do we post these stories because readers want it or not?
  • someone just talked about loosing 1/4 of their newsroom, and how now they are allowing their readers to post their own obituaries, wedding and engagement announcements
  • everyone agress it's a great idea to let your readers contribute content
And that's a wrap!

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