Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jordin Sparks is my American Idol

For the next few hours, everyone [all of North America at least] it seems will be asking themselves this very important question: Who will win American Idol?
I feel like the show just started and we just finished watching the awkwardness that takes place before the final 12 are selected. But alas, the show is coming to an end in the two hour finale tonight. I would like Jordin Sparks to win, just because Blake's beat boxing annoys me, but either way it's not about their voices. They are both weaker than Melinda Dolittle, who should have won. So Jordin, sparkle on lady and good luck tonight.

All the judges agreed that Jordin outsings Blake, no question about it. Seattlest agrees. But as our friend eloquently advises, that's really not enough to make her win.


Watching last night's "American Idol," how could you not be frickin' proud of Jordin Sparks?

Jordan Sparks Slide Show

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