Friday, May 11, 2007

Pope canonizes saint, asks Brazilians "to behave"

Pope Benedict's recent visit to Brazil produced the canonization of Brazil's first native-born saint, Friar Antonio Galvao. He held an open air mass at Brazil's Campo de Marte, where Catholics came from all over Brazil and Latin America to see the Pope. He preached creating a better world by helping the poor and the needy, and he also criticized the media for "undermining family values and glamorizing sex."

Many Brazilians admittedly were surprised by his shy and sweet demeanor, saying he isn't as dictatorial as they thought he would be. Brazilian police estimate that almost a million people turned out to see the pontiff.

In a country where sex outside marriage is common, birth control is widely used, and divorce is not frowned upon, the Pope's message has had a mixed reception.


I found some of the most popular Papist blogs. Here's what thet have to say about the visit.

Chegada do Papa Bento XVI no Brazil (The Pope in Brazil)

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