Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gentlemen, it's okay to wine

I remember taking a Canadian foreign policy course where the teacher asked us to describe what being Canadian meant to us. Most people said that playing hockey was Canadian or "drinking Molson Canadian beer" was Canadian. When I surveyed [unofficially of course] some Americans I know, they too decribed some type of a beer experience with being American. So, it's not a surprise that in a culture where it seems beer is the culture that this news would come as a shock. The news being that wine consumption in the U.S. has doubled over the last few years and beer sales have plateaued. For the first time ever, a 2005 Gallup pole revelead that Americans prefer drinking wine to beer. And although this number did flip in 2006, wine consumption is not slowing down. Some are calling this the great American beer crisis and they're asking how this could've happened. Why is this happening and will the good ol' pint ever make a comeback?

Mild brown ales, the knock-back drink of thirsty coal miners and dock workers, are not so appealing to post-industrial office workers, who are less thirsty and more aspirational.


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