Thursday, May 3, 2007

Solve the Brooke Shields mystery

I think this is a fantastic publicity stunt!

An encrypted message has been popping up as graffiti around London, Hamburg and the Netherlands and people are going bonkers trying to find out what it all means. The message simply says "The Alphabet of Brooke Shields," or some variation of it. There is now a Flickr group, a Facebook group and even a website dedicated to finding out who created this message. I have officially begun my search to solving the mystery. So do you have any theories?

Has anyone else seen this random graffiti written on walls around London? Genius work, but what is it all about? Anyone know? Anyone else seen it? If so, where?


And by 'random', this week we really do mean random. OK, so it's just a shitty bit of scawl on City Road, but is there anything more behind the message 'Brooke Shields Alphabet" that we're not getting? Is it some kind of advert for the V&A's surreal exhibition?


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