Monday, May 28, 2007

Mother Nature vs. Sasquatch!

The Beastie Boys headlined this year's [6 and counting] Sasquatch! Music Festival that was held over this past weekend at the Gorge. The annual festival featured not only up and coming North American musicians, but also showcased musical genres of the international kind. Besides having to battle for the audience's attention, bands also had to deal with awful weather, as a massive wind storm caused the lighting rigs on stage to cancel shows in the middle of their sets. The line up included: Beastie Boys, Bjork, Aracade Fire,Manu Chao, Interpol, Neko Case, Blackalicious..and many more. Travis Hay has an awesome blog about it. And you can read it if you click the link.

But the good music wasn't limited to the main stage. The Yeti stage, which traditionally has exclusively featured Northwest artists, was moved to the plaza area, which is closer to the stage than the meadow area where it has been in the past


The main stage was shut down for about three hours after massive wind gusts made lighting rigs -- some of which were suspended above the stage by wires

Ozomatli Ozomatli

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