Monday, April 30, 2007

Beirut "Erotika" show heats up Lebanon

Artists Nayla Karam and Maria Sarkis's art exhibition in Lebanon is not tame.

Their expo called Erotika displays Andy Warhol type of colourful pop-art, where sensual images of women's figures, themes of homosexuality and fetishism are depicted. The two say they're not trying to shock the conservative Arab world with their art show, but they're hoping their exhibit will help break sex taboos. The gallery that is housing the exhibit is called "Surface" and is located in the Christian suburb of Northern Lebanon. Visitors to the gallery have mixed reactions to the exhibit. Some appreciate the artistic aesthtetics, while others don't. The latter say the artists would have been killed if they lived in an Islamic neighbourhood.

Using vivid colours, the pair are showing images of fetishism, homosexuality and even masturbation in a Beirut art show they hope will help to break taboos in the usually conservative Arab world.


Nayla Karam and Maria Sarkis "Erotika"

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