Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Does Anderson Cooper shower in his gonch?

Oh snap!

I'm not sure whether or not this is true [as there are no photos posted of the actual deed] but apparently someone has snapped a photo of Anderson Cooper, [or as I like to call him Andy Coopsie-Coops] taking a shower at a New York gym in his [wait for it] underwear.

Boxer briefs to be exact.

As strange as this seems, I think it's cool that the sexy news man keeps his "business" under cover at a public place of gawkery. Regardless of his sexual orientation, [which has been questioned in the past] the ladies and the gents seem to love the "silver fox," so in a way he shouldn't really prance around in the buff at the gym.

So, you know what Anderson? I don't blame you for not showering in the buff. Actually, I recommend that you check out GinchGonch for your next purchase of sexy man shorts...

Naturally the sexually ambiguous "silver fox" attracts a lot of attention from both sexes so he takes precautions.


Anderson Cooper

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