Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Guy dreams of number, calls it, meets a girl...they're now married

You might recall that ANG posted an amazing love story a while ago. He was searching for photos on Flickr, a photo sharing website and randomly found the story of two people who out of their passion for photography fell in love through the site and documented it. You can read the story here.

Well, now there is another unbelievable love story being told by 24-year-old David Brown and I have to admit, this is pretty good. Brown went out one night with friends and the next day, woke up with a number running through his head. He didn't understand why, so he sent a text message to the number saying "Did I meet you last night?"

The random recipient of the message was Michelle Kitson. Kitson had never met David Brown before and she certainly didn't give him her number. So at first she ignored the messages, but later was intrigued, so she replied and the two decided to meet.

Fast forward through dating, falling in love and a long courtship, the couple is now married and have just returned form their honeymoon. Isn't this incredible?

How did you meet and fall in love?

A British man has met and married a 22-year-old woman after, by his own account, dreaming of her phone number and then sending her a text message.

Source: news.yahoo.com

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