Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Come on Baby, Pardon his Conviction

Should Jim Morrison get a posthumous pardon for a 40-year-old conviction? Two die-hard Morrison fans, David Diamond and Kerry Humphreys think so.

They wrote the Governor of Florida to pardon Morrison (a Florida native) and where Morrison's conviction is held, so he can be remembered for his music instead of the crime. Morrison was charged after he allegedly exposed himself and simulated a sex act during a Coconut Grove concert in 1969. Many fans believe the conviction put Morrison in a downward spiral with negative publicity leading to cancelled concerts. Morrison died of a heart attack while he was still on appeal. He was 27.

Did anyone actually attend the Coconut Grove concert in 1969 and witness the event? If so, tell me all about it.

Governor Charlie Crist said he was "certainly willing to review" the case.

Jim Morrison's Grave

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