Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Donor SIX: Is Anna Nicole's bodyguard the babydaddy?

Oh, Anna Nicole. Who have you done? I mean what have you done? Since her death nearly a week ago, three additional men and a sperm have come forward claiming they are her daughter's, (Dannielynn's) real father. When will we ever know the truth?

Here's the top 5 list so far:
  1. Larry Birkhead: this one time boyfriend has claimed paternity since the beginning and has proclaimed his undying love for Anna Nicole
  2. Howard K. Stern: attorney, side-kick and non-binding commitment ceremony participant, he is now with Dannielynn in the Bahamas
  3. Zsa Zsa's Sorry Husband: the Prince who wasn't, Prince Frederick von Anhalt
  4. Octogenarian Sperm: J. Howard Marshall supposedly froze his sperm and Anna Nicole stored it
  5. Alexander Denk: heartbroken bodyguard claims to have been "secret lover" (at least he has photos to prove it)
  6. Nuke Gingrich: NowPublic Contributor

Vintage enchantress and leg art

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