Thursday, February 15, 2007

Exclusive Photos of Anna Nicole, Stern, Birkhead and Meth Doc: TOGETHER

*Editor's Note*

I will update this story as new developments happen. The latest as of today, (February 22, 2007) is that a judge has granted Anna Nicole to be buried in the Bahamas, beside her son's body.

Feb 15th, 2007: 12:03 pm PST

Via "Florida judge demanded today that even more DNA samples be taken from
the body of Anna Nicole Smith, amidst concerns of a baby switching plot"

Feb 15, 2007: 9:53 am PST

A hearing in Florida is taking place to determine is Anna Nicole's body will be released so she can have a proper burial. As this story unfolds the latest news to break from is that a doctor out of Los Angeles, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor prescribed Anna Nicole methadone on August 25th, 13 days before she gave birth to Dannielynn. He prescribed the methadone to her under a false name adn had it shipped to the Bahamas.


We have a lot of contributors that go to events, and after searching our archives, I stumbled upon original photos of Anna Nicole Smith at a Pride Parade in Los Angeles from last year. I looked at the photo closer and realized, Dr. Kapoor was in the photo with her. Not only that but both Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead were in the photo. In the first picture, you can see Larry Birkhead beside Anna Nicole. He is on Anna's right side, walking beside her, in a yellow t-shirt. In the next photo, Howard K. Stern is in the photo as well, with Larry Birkhead. They are both walking behind the car, more to the left side. The doctor is sitting to her right, without a shirt on. Check out these photos, they're kind of freaky. It doesn't make sense. Why were they all hanging-out?

TMZ searched the internet and found a description of Dr. Kapoor's practice in an advertisement for someone who has worked "in an outpatient based settling." In the description of his practice, Dr. Kapoor lists "Entertainment Medicine."

TrimSpa, baby! Anna Nicole Smith

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