Monday, February 12, 2007

Exclusive Howard K. Stern interview about Anna Nicole's death

Entertainment Tonight has the first interview with Howard K. Stern since Anna Nicole Smith's death. Watch the video below as a crying and shaken Stern says he hopes Anna and Daniel are together in peace and he hopes they are happy. This interview was probably granted to ET first, as Mark Steines an ET reporter has spent the last month in the Bahamas with them.

Today, more twists and turns in the story are developing as a number of new images and reports are being released. TMZ has exclusive photos of Anna Nicole's hotel fridge, it's contents consisting of methadone, Slim-Fast, Trimspa, yogurt and butter spray. The New York Daily News reports that a boxing promoter has come forward saying that Anna Nicole Smith and Howard Stern were barely speaking at a recent fight that the couple attended in Florida together. In addition this morning, a paper in the Bahamas published photos of the former Playboy Playmate in bed with a Bahamian immigration officer, who also signed her permanent residency papers.

To end on a better note, you can read Rosie O'Donnell's blog about her friend Anna Nicole Smith, which helps put this woman's life and spirit into perspective.

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