Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Revamped: Britney and her website undergo overhaul

Britney Spears is still in rehab (thanks to the efforts of her mom, and K-Fed) and now her website is getting a make-over. The homepage of Spear's official website has an old picture of Britney, spread across a yellow background in a pair of tiny shorts and an eve tinier top. She definitely doesn't look like this anymore.

When was this taken? Three years ago? Her body doesn't even look human! Photoshop Galore!

Source: celebritydirtylaundry.blogspot.com

Over the past several months, Spears homepage has been the vehicle for various interesting postings, presumably from the pop princess, with exotic tigers appearing last summer and an apology for her crotch-baring antics in early December.

Source: tmz.com

Brintney's Home Page

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