Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Have an affair, then Kish my butt

Happy Valentine's Day, all you crazy LOVAS! Gush, gush, muah, hugs and kisses and XO's.

On this lovely, lusty and delicious day (that feels more like D-Day rather than V-Day) filled with warm hugs, gooey chocolate and roses galore (more than 50 million roses will be sent today) I am enjoying none of the above mentioned pleasures. I am a lone soldier of love on this day, however, I am enjoying this lie detector service I found through Skype. If you're "not" a jealous, insecure person in love that just "wants to make sure" that things are going as well as you think it's going then this service is for you.

It's called Kish Kish, and if you have a Skype account you can install it today. How does it work? Everytime you make a call through Skype, Kish Kish pops-up a monitor that is an animated polygraph machine looking thingy. Once you get on the call, it detects the other person's stress levels by voice recognition and it charts their progress. There is a disclaimer that you have to sign at the beginning and there is an option to notify the caller you are using this system, but if they're not on Skype, how would they know? You should all test it today, to see what your lovely Valentine has been up to. I think it'd be bundles of good times. For those of you who still believe in LOVE, I found this website called

It's adorable...

First, there is the Kish Kish lie detector for Skype users placing calls over the Internet.


Love is....

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