Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Fucking someone and blogging about it will get you on TV!

I read this earlier on NowPublic but couldn't really express how frustrated I am by this. So Jessica Cutler, a blogger and in my opinion just another ordinary slut who fucked her way through a shitty Capitol Hill job now appears in a TV commercial for T-MOBILE! Why? What has she really done to deserve getting any notoriety whatsoever, then have sex, give BJ's and then spew the "sensitive" information all over the net? (Oh, she talks about her boyfriends' sexual preferences as well, like using K-Y and hand-cuffs.) Have a conversation with any, half decent looking, single 20 something trying to make it and this will be a discussion at the family table.

I guess she is calculated, obviously realizing airing her dirty laundry would eventually lend her a book deal, which it did...but then society keeps the rewards coming, like a commercial deal and let me guess next will be a talk show and a guest correspondent spot on Access Hollywood? I'm not a prude, but this is the only thing she's ever done! Wrote electronic excerpts about sex, sometimes two words long, in her online diary. There is nothing else underneath her lingerie.

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