Thursday, February 8, 2007

Versace to Clinton: Ditch the pants and put on a skirt

Donatella Versace, "President'' of one of the most recognized fashion houses is giving advice to Senator Hillary Clinton, a fellow female leader hoping to soon lead a "house" of a different kind. Versace recently expressed her views to a German magazine, on Hillary Clinton's usual choice of attire at different speaking and campaign events: navy blue pant-suits seem to be a favourite. Versace advised the Senator to use her femininity as a symbol of power rather than trying to emulate a masculine exterior. She believes this could easily work in her favour to win the presidency. (And seemingly so does Marc Jacobs, who showed -- to amazing reviews -- a collection geared towards Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton types.)

I think I visited this exact topic two weeks ago, in my article titled Power and Sex in the Media: Can women ever have it all? I discussed Lux Nightmare's take on the issue, and referred you to read the New York Times article that started it all. The gist of it: If women in powerful, male dominated positions dress to project their sexuality i.e. dress sexy or feminine, they are less likely to be taken seriously and are perceived weaker and therefore less effective in those positions, than their male counterparts. I wonder what the good Senator thinks.

U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should tap into her feminine side and wear dresses and skirts instead of trousers, fashion designer Donatella Versace was quoted as saying on Thursday.


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