Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy 4th America!

Happy Independence Day America! This July 4th marks the 219th birthday for our friendly neighbours and all the blogs are going

absolutely ballistic with pride and joy to celebrate. Check out this

funny medley mix the LAist found, courtesy of JibJab.

It's all the past Presidents singing the Star Spangled Banner in a medley type of a way. The

Houstonist was very clever and created a downloadable iTunes Mix for the long

weekend that really rocks. Some favourite activities for sure will be going camping, having a BBQ and getting out of town. How will you celebrate?

Tons of

good, new music on July's iMix: including Scottish band The Fratellis,

the latest (and catchiest) single from Australia's John Butler Trio,

and a track from Ryan Adams' new album Easy Tiger (which was just

released last week).

America, of course, was "born" as a country on the day the U.S. Constitution became effective, which according to its terms was when the 9th state ratified it.

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