Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Posh does not drive a Dodge mini to soccer

Victoria Beckham used her sons' [Brooklyn and Romeo] soccer practice at LA's Real So Cal Soccer Club, in Woodland Hills for another photo opportunity [it seems.] She was seen playing with her youngest son in tight skinny jeans, an off the shoulder gray top and her signature high heels, while the paparazzi went crazy. She just seems so unnatural most of the time [posing, posing, posing] that it's hard to feel anything when I see the photos. In the meantime, David Beckham begun training sessions with his new club LA Galaxy. Lovely!

Victoria spurned the 'soccer mom' uniform of tracksuit pants and baseball cap, but dressed down for the occasion in a simple grey t-shirt and jeans, and her trademark skyscraper heels as she stood pitchside cheering on her son, and chatting to club officials.

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