Monday, July 16, 2007

Urban Mushing: Scooters, dogs and dry brush

Coming from the place that brought us doggy yoga, doggy day spa, doggy massage and doggy doggy sledding sans snow or sled, but instead a scooter. Urban mushing is the newest California craze to hit the country. A non-motorized scooter is used instead of a sled, which the doggies pull throughout the dry brush. The Southern California Urban Mushing group started in 2005 has about 240 members.

In a city better known for its high-end indoor mall than high-energy outdoor activities, "urban mushing" has taken hold and people are coming from more than two hours away to take part.

Tags: California | Costa Mesa | dog-powered adventure | dogs | Huskies | sled | two-wheeled scooter | Urban mushing

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