Friday, July 6, 2007

Vancouver eateries told to issue shellfish warnings

Vancouver is probably one of the best places for seafood because of the freshness and wide variety that's available. So it's kind of a shame to hear that the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority is asking restaurants to display warning cards to the customers about the "dangers" of raw shellfish. Mature, oyster [and sushi] loving people are very well aware of the dangers of eating anything raw. Why do they have to ruin the dining experience? And for that matter then, why don't they make steak houses issue warnings for people that like to eat their sirloins rare? I love my oysters and I'm sticking to eating them. Slurp!

Cooking is the only way to eliminate potential bacterial or viral contamination that can accumulate in shellfish and result in nausea and diarrhea. Two-thirds of the cases of food-borne illnesses reported last year were linked to oyster consumption in restaurants.

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