Monday, July 23, 2007

Symbol in NYC building a history mystery

A building in New York that displays a mysterious arrow is now being saved from being demolished by a generous donation. Once owned by William Colgate who was the Christian soap entrepreneur who founded Colgate Palmolive, the design has generated enough gravity because of its cryptic nature. The 3-foot-by-10 foot section of the timeworn brick wall is distinctly shaped as an arrow pointing upwards towards something. Some scholars believe triangular forms could encode a message in their proportions and have religious connotations.

The triangle has traditionally been used to represent the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity. Some scholars, while stressing the need for more research, think the Pearl Street symbol evokes esotericism — efforts to delve for divine meaning in numbers, geometry, nature and elsewhere. The symbol was even the subject of a presentation at an academic conference on esotericism in Amsterdam in 2005.

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